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Inspired by the friendship of two incredible women in STEM, Mary Somerville and Ada Lovelace, the Luminaries Mentorship Program is designed to foster lasting relationships to support your STEM journey. 

About the Program

With two 3-month long cohorts per year, the Luminaries Mentorship program is designed to support girls, women, and gender diverse people in two main groups: students in grades 8-12 and adults who are preparing for or navigating the early stages of their STEM career.


Our mentors are STEM professionals who generously volunteer their time to support our participants because they share our passion for making STEM more diverse and inclusive. Your mentor is invested in fostering a meaningful relationship that supports your growth.

Next Cohort: Feb 5  - May 7, 2025

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High School

For students in grades 8-12 interested in exploring STEM careers & education

Get matched with a STEM professional who will help you complete a hands-on project. 

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Early Career

For professionals and college students navigating the early stages of their STEM career

Get matched with someone more established in their career to provide support and guidance.

Make a difference. Be a mentor.

Are you a STEM professional with a passion for uplifting others? Help us create a safe and supportive environment for people of underrepresented genders in STEM by signing up as a mentor for high school students or early career professionals. 

Their Story

The Story of Ada and Mary

Sparking innovation through intergenerational mentorship.

Quickly after being introduced, Mary Somerville, a prominent figure in the scientific community of her time, recognized Ada Lovelace's remarkable intellectual potential and took her under her wing. 

Mary served as a source of inspiration and encouragement for Ada. As a woman who had defied societal norms to pursue a career in science, Mary exemplified resilience and determination, qualities that undoubtedly influenced Ada in her own endeavors. They exchanged letters regularly, discussing not only scientific topics but also sharing personal experiences and offering each other support and encouragement. 

Lock with photos of Ada Lovelace and Mary Somerville

Mary opened her home to Ada, who would spend extended visits devouring Mary’s extensive personal library, which housed a wealth of scientific literature, allowing her to immerse herself in the study of mathematics and logic. This access played a pivotal role in shaping Lovelace's intellectual development and nurturing her burgeoning interest in scientific pursuits.

Mary’s belief in Ada’s abilities and her advocacy for women's education helped empower Ada to pursue her interests in with confidence. Their friendship laid the foundation for Lovelace's pioneering work as the world's first computer programmer and for Somerville's lasting legacy as a champion of women in STEM.

The relationship between Ada Lovelace and Mary Somerville was a powerful bond that fueled their intellectual curiosity and propelled them to achieve greatness in their respective fields. It serves as a poignant example of how mentorship can play a transformative role in the lives of individuals and leave a lasting impact on the world.

Their story underscores the importance of mentorship in nurturing talent and fostering innovation, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to inspire generations.

Like the intricate patterns of the constellations Mary Somerville studied, stars may seem isolated, but they are connected, shining brighter together than they do alone.

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