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Along with our partners, we have reached 35,000 people and counting. Together, we break down barriers and create opportunities for the next generation of STEM. Join our mission today!

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New Relic



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Be a part of ensuring our programs remain free and accessible to all by making a one-time or recurring gift.


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From 1-on-1 mentorship to national conferences, these vital opportunities wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors.


Annual Partnerships

Let’s work together to maximize impact and create meaningful engagement opportunities for your team.

The difference you'll make...

for ChickTech

Provide critical support to programs that serve hundreds of participants each year

Eliminate barriers to participation through free access to essential tech equipment

Inspire and encourage the next generation of aspiring technologists

Support a small but mighty nonprofit with 12 years of experience and national reach

for your company

Reach new audiences of talented and diverse job seekers

Amplify your efforts to foster a more inclusive workforce

Enhance company culture and drive employee engagement 

Demonstrate your commitment to being a diverse organization

What our partners are saying

"Since our partnership with ChickTech began in 2015, CDK Global has been able to support its mission and create meaningful opportunities for underrepresented groups in technology. This partnership not only enhances our social impact efforts but also enriches our company culture by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We are proud partners to ChickTech in driving positive change and shaping the future of tech and look forward to magnifying impact as we build micro-mentorship opportunities between CDK employees and the ChickTech community."

Katie Levesque headshot

Katie Lévesque

Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, CDK Global

Meta is thrilled to support ChickTech through our competitive Community Action Grant program. ChickTech is building an inclusive future in STEM education and STEM careers - opening new doors for women in tech, advocating for equal pay and access, creating positive mentorship opportunities, and ensuring women have a voice in shaping our future. The entire team at Meta's Prineville Data Center is proud of this partnership and looks forward to working with ChickTech every year.

William Marks headshot

William Marks

Community Development Manager, Meta

ChickTech’s mission to advance diversity in STEM by increasing retention of women, girls and gender-diverse people in technology aligns so nicely with New Relic’s focus on equitable access to technology. Our employees love volunteering and supporting ChickTech, sharing their experience and expertise to inspire future technologists.

Lauren Keeler Headshot

Lauren Keeler

Social Impact, New Relic

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