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High School Mentorship

February 5   - May 7, 2025

Ready to take your learning to the next level? Join us for a free 3-month virtual program designed to support you and illuminate your pathway as an aspiring STEM professional. Our mentors are STEM professionals who generously volunteer their time to support you because they share our passion for making STEM more diverse and inclusive. Your mentor is invested in fostering a meaningful relationship that supports your growth.

The Luminaries Mentorship program offers a flexible time commitment, with mentors and mentees encouraged to meet for a minimum of 2 hours each month to ensure meaningful progress and guidance. 

RSVP now to receive exclusive early access to registration before it opens in Nov/Dec!

What You’ll Experience

Choose your adventure

Select from a range of awesome hands-on projects delivered right to your doorstep.


Illuminate your path

Explore various career and educational pathways in STEM.


Get expert guidance

Gain insights and firsthand knowledge from a STEM professional who will champion your dreams and empower you to reach the stars


Spark connections

Connect with fellow mentees who share your passion for STEM.


Radiate confidence

Feel your confidence grow as you learn new skills and expand your network of support in the ChickTech Community.

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